Clarksville Mediation Lawyer

Tennessee State Certified Mediation Attorney in Family Law

My name is Michael K. Williamson, and I am a practicing divorce and family law attorney who has had an active legal practice since 1984. My office is based in Clarksville, Tennessee, and I handle mediation matters for divorcing couples and others involved in family matters throughout central Tennessee.

Certified Rule 31 Family Law Mediator Since 1999 | Call 931-647-8500 | Contact my law office online.

I have received Civil and Family Mediation Rule 31 Training and have been approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court to mediate family law matters. In many cases, divorcing couples agree on most issues, yet have one that they cannot seem to work out. This is where mediation can be notably helpful.

Family law matters that I mediate include:

With 25 years' legal experience in an area of law that is often fraught with emotion, I offer a calm and reassuring presence to both parties as a mediator. I know the relevant law intimately. Moreover, I have a proven and sustained track record in fostering solutions that are acceptable to all parties involved.

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Tennessee law has become increasingly insistent that divorcing couples seek mediation when they are unable to resolve an issue in their divorce. I regularly receive referrals from lawyers who have suggested that their clients seek me out to mediate their disputes.

Typically, the divorcing couple will meet in my office or other agreed location. It is often possible to resolve the matter and come to agreement by the end of the day. The two parties may not achieve all that they want to concerning every matter, but they can often come to an agreement that both can live with. Moreover, they can now put their issues behind them and focus on moving forward with their lives.