Fathers' Rights - Custody, Paternity & Relocation

Clarksville Fathers' Rights Attorney

While the Tennessee family court system has made great strides in allowing fathers greater rights and time with children, many fathers still face a significant battle in their efforts to gain parental rights and relationships with their children. At The Law Office of Michael K Williamson we fight for fathers as they seek to establish paternity, gain legal rights and build those all-important father-child relationships.

In cases of parental relocation, where either you or the child's mother are moving from the area, it is imperative that you establish these rights before they are gone for good.

Montgomery County Paternity Attorney

In order to establish visitation rights, you must be declared the legal father of the child and be established on a child support plan. Men who were married to the child's mother at the time of the birth (and for the preceding nine months) are generally assumed to be the biological father and generally do not have to undergo the paternity establishment process. If you are unmarried to the mother, however, we are prepared to quickly help you establish paternity.

In establishing paternity, you will be required to begin paying child support and providing for the child financially. In return, however, we can work to help you gain you the visitation or child custody rights you seek.

Clarksville Fathers' Rights Attorney

If you are a stepfather to a child you consider to be your own and are seeking to adopt, we can guide you through the process of adopting the child. We are skilled in stepparent adoptions, and we can guide you past many common obstacles along the way. We will help to gain the legal approval of the biological father and address every detail along the way to completing your family.

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