Clarksville Child Custody Lawyer

Clarksville, Tennessee, Child Custody Lawyer

At the Law Office of Michael K. Williamson, I understand how important it is to protect your child's well-being, today and tomorrow. In Tennessee, the courts evaluate custody arrangements by whether they reflect the best interests of the child or children involved. I build my cases based on this standard, while working to make sure that your situation and perspective are taken into account.

My goal as your lawyer is to help you understand all your legal options and then assist you in a realistic, practical approach to child custody that balances your child's best interests with your personal situation.

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The Tennessee courts recognize the necessity and desirability that both mother and father be involved in the child's life. Shared parenting means that both parents have a say in important parenting decisions. The more that parents can agree on child custody matters, the easier it may be for them to communicate while their child is growing up.

Assisting You in Finding Practical, Workable Solutions

Sometimes, hard feelings can get in the way of what is best for the child. It is unrealistic to think that you might have full custody with no visitation rights for the other parent unless the partner you are divorcing has been involved in drug abuse or other criminal activity. At the same time, to save money on child support by seeking full custody when you have not been involved in the day-to-day parenting may also be both unrealistic and irresponsible. I will help you understand what the judge will be looking for in all situations and what may be reasonably possible for you and your child.

Experienced, Effective and Compassionate Counsel

My goal as your attorney is to draw on my considerable legal background to achieve fair outcomes that work for you and your child.

I bring to each client's situation more than 25 years of legal experience handling divorce, child custody, child and spousal support and property division matter. I seek to provide you calm support as you deal with any difficulties that arise, while advocating aggressively for your child's best interests and your rights.