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When You Are Seeking to Enforce Your Parental Rights, We Can Help

Michael K. Williamson has been helping parents safeguard their parental rights since 1984. Not so long ago, full child custody typically went to the mother. The father got to see the kids two weekends a month. Today, family law authorities see the benefit of having both parents regularly involved in a child's life.

Increasingly, Tennessee judges are granting shared or split parenting arrangements, with the parents sharing equal time with their children. Contact an experienced custody attorney.

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At the Clarksville, Tennessee Law Office of Michael K. Williamson, we capably advise and advocate for parents on a wide range of challenging child custody, divorce, child support and other family law matters.

Are you seeking you seeking residential parent status?
I can help you prepare for your hearings. The courts look for direct parental involvement with your children. Do you go to teacher's meetings with your child? Do you know your child's favorite foods and games? Do you know the child's bedtime routine? We can help you understand the issues that family law judges take into account and present you favorably as the judge considers custody.

Do you think that your former or current spouse is unfit to be a primary residential parent?
The courts sever parental rights only in extreme situations, such as abuse, drug use or mental illness. We can carefully review your situation to determine how to best present this information to the judge.

Are you petitioning that visitation rights be granted to your parents or close family friend?
I have the experience and resourcefulness to bring this type of visitation request forward in the best light.

Is your former spouse violating the child custody arrangement?
I can seek to bring an enforcement claim forward, or modify your existing order.

Are you seeking to establish paternity or prevent your child from being adopted? As your lawyer, I know the steps to take to ascertain paternity and pursue appropriate child support. I can help a noncustodial, unmarried father establish paternity and build a relationship with his child.