Divorce and the Professional - Protecting Your Assets

Protecting Your Business Through Divorce

In the midst of all of the decisions that must be made, it is important that you act quickly to protect your professional interests. Whether you are an officer in the military with a significant pension or a small business owner, you are at risk to lose portions of your hard work to division of property agreements.

At The Law Office of Michael K. Williamson, we are highly skilled in asset valuation and division negotiations. We will provide staunch representation as you work to protect the profession you have invested in for years. These types of assets are wide in range and include:

  • Restaurants
  • Farms
  • Small businesses
  • Military pension
  • Legal practice
  • Medical practice
  • Retail
  • Stock
  • Alimony

In most cases, professional practices, such as that of contractors, solo practitioners or small business owners, are considered marital property. However, we will closely review the records, accounting and practices of your business to find assets and property that can be sheltered as non-marital property.

The success of these matters hinges on the unique details and circumstances surrounding your situation and your professional interests. We do thorough investigations to find all pertinent details. Our team is highly equipped to handle high-asset valuations.

We will aggressively protect your interests in divorce settlements and property division negotiations to ensure that you are positioned for future financial and professional success.

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