Clarksville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Clarksville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether your case goes to trial or is settled before courtroom proceedings, we are prepared for anything. We will represent your interests in a manner that champions your best interests. You can be assured that we are fighting for the best possible outcome to the matter.

Many times the least punishment for a crime is achieved through negotiations. We are highly knowledgeable of the process and prepared to handle anything brought by the prosecution.

Montgomery County Misdemeanor and Felony Attorney

At The Law Office of Michael K. Williamson, we represent all criminal charges, both misdemeanors and felonies, throughout Tennessee, including:

College students

We understand the significant impact a criminal conviction could have on the life of a college student getting ready to embark on a career. We will fight to present mitigating factors, including academic standing and youthful indecision, to have the charges knocked down or dismissed.

Juvenile crimes

We are prepared to handle juvenile crimes. The juvenile court system is very different from its adult counterpart, but we are highly knowledgeable of the processes and protocol that could make the difference in the underage individual's case.

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No matter your criminal offense, we are prepared to be the zealous advocates you need. To arrange a free initial consultation with a skilled criminal defense lawyer, please call us today at 931-647-8500.