Clarksville Illegal Search and Seizure Lawyer

Many individuals charged with counts of driving under the influence, drug-related charges or other possession-related charges are arrested in situations of illegal search and seizure. It is not uncommon for law enforcement to pull a driver over on a traffic stop for a frivolous reason in hopes of getting him or her for something bigger. This violates that individual's constitutional rights, regardless of whether a crime is being committed or not.

These stops often lead to arrests and detainment that, because the stop was unconstitutional, violate the individual's rights and must be stopped.

Montgomery County Attorney for Your Right to Privacy

At The Law Office of Michael K. Williamson, we are committed to representing these individuals, defending against all manners of unreasonable search and seizure, including:

  • Illegal traffic stops
  • Improper forfeiture and seizure of property
  • Improper execution of warrants
  • Warrantless searches

Law enforcement must have a reasonable suspicion that you are engaging in illegal activity to pull you over. The officer cannot search your car or arrest you for anything without proof of probable cause.

If the officer does pull you over without probable case, he or she may start asking leading questions, trying to get a reason to search your car. He or she may simply ask. Do not give your consent to be searched if a warrant is not present.

If officers enter your home with a legal warrant, they must announce their presence before breaking down a door or forcibly entering.

While the police may, on rare occasion, search or seize your property without a warrant, these instances are rare and there is a high probability we will be able to challenge the search, and have it thrown out.

Clarksville Illegal Search and Seizure Attorney - Defending Residents Throughout Tennessee

We fight to defend the constitutional rights of our clients against the invalid searches and seizures that have led to their arrests and could result in significant penalties. These rules were established to protect individuals, and we will aggressively defend those rights.

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