Clarksville Marital Asset Division Attorney

Marital Asset Division That Works ▪ Property Division Lawyer in Tennessee

Whether you have no children and relatively few assets or you have children, properties and a business, The Law Office of Michael K. Williamson in Clarksville can capably assist you in all divorce, property division and other family law matters throughout central Tennessee.

I can assist you in seeking the most favorable property division outcome. My background as a bank attorney and Creditor Rights Specialist that regularly handles legal matters for financial institutions aids me in effectively achieving marital asset divisions that serve my clients' interests.

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As your lawyer handling division of marital assets, I can assess your marital and separate assets to create a clear picture of your financial situation. I will develop a plan to defend your rights to what is yours, through negotiation, mediation or through trial, if necessary.

Clients are reassured to know that I am particularly well trained in negotiating tactics and strategies owing to a diplomatic nature and to specialized training as a Tennessee Supreme Court Certified Mediator.

Financially Savvy Legal Guidance on Your Side for Your Future

My work as a divorce lawyer over 25 years has helped me become adept at successfully resolving the many complexities and nuances of property division, including

  • Distinguishing separate (non-community property) from marital property, including inheritances and gifts made to one spouse only during marriage
  • Dividing family businesses, investments, pensions and retirement accounts
  • Negotiating outcomes that deviate from typical property settlements when they serve the client's interests

Knowledgeable Counsel in the Unique Financial Aspects in a Military Divorce

Fort Campbell, home to the 101st Airborne, is nearby my Clarksville law office. In the case of service members and spouses, I can help divorcing parties discern:

  • A service member's duty of support during a separation and divorce
  • Entitlement to military benefits
  • How to stay division of asset proceedings if you are deployed overseas
  • What role a disability plays in asset division