Post Divorce Modifications - Relocation & Change in Status/Income

Clarksville Divorce Modifications Lawyer

As life changes and the circumstances of the family's life change over time, adjustments must often be made to original divorce agreements, from child support and spousal support to custody, visitation and parenting agreements.

These changes can be confusing and frightening for many parents. We understand the situations you are facing, and as your lawyers, we are prepared to guide you through the process of amending the agreements and arriving at an outcome that works for you and your children.

Montgomery County Child Support Modification Attorney

The state of Tennessee has established a parental relocation statute to direct what must happen when one of the parents moves out of the area. In addition to the necessary decisions that must be made surrounding the logistics of the custody of the child, new child support agreements must be reached.

The amount of support due is based on a calculation of the number of days of possession of the child. If the moving parent wishes to maintain his or her current amount of time with the child, arrangements must be made for those days to be met, either over the summer or on holidays. If the current amount of time of possession is impossible to maintain, adjustments must be made to the child support agreement.

Clarksville Divorce Modifications Attorney

We are prepared to provide a parent staunch representation if the other parent is not honoring his or her side of the agreement and is in contempt of court orders. We will fight the matter to get you the support and time of possession that you are entitled to, protecting your relationship with your children and providing the funds needed to support them in the best way possible.

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