Firm Overview

Montgomery County Family Law Attorneys

The Law Office of Michael K. Williamson of Clarksville, Tennessee, focuses on family law and creditors' rights. Our divorce and family law clients have legal needs that they cannot address on their own. They are seeking the knowledge, guidance and advocacy that only an experienced lawyer can provide. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Get a Clear Assessment of Your Legal Options

We offer a free initial consultation to every client, during which you can receive an understandable, honest assessment of your situation and your legal options. We can tell you where the law may favor you and where you may need to adjust your expectations to achieve success.

Prompt Return of Phone Calls - You Know Where You Are At With Me

We promptly return phone calls. When you are facing so many unknowns, you don't want your lawyer's availability to be another uncertainty. When you retain our services, you have access you can count on. Communication is critical to the attorney/client relationship.

Experienced, Knowledgeable and Skilled Family Law Advocacy

Our goal is to represent clients with focused and responsive legal care that vigorously safeguards their interests.

We represent men and women, including military service members and their spouses, in paternity, alimony and support, divorce, custody and other family law matters. Some divorces are simple, with no assets and no children. Others involve complex property division, where it is useful to hire an outside expert such as a forensic accountant to accurately value a business. All are important to the clients.

We are also available for representation of crimes and criminal matters, including felony and misdemeanor charges